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Dr. Mahmoud Muktar Saidu

Member of Governing Council of the Institute

He is the Acting Dean, Social & Management Sciences, Maryam Abacha American University, Niger Republic and also a founder and Chief Executive Officer Ramaz Consult and Ramaz International Academy, Kano. Dr. Mahmoud Muktar Saidu graduated with Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He later acquired Masters in Business Administration and another Masters of Science in Accounting. He is a Doctor of philosophy in Accounting.

Dr. Saidu is an Honorary Fellow and member of Governing Council of this esteemed Institute. He is a Fellow of the following prestigious Chartered Professional Institutions:

Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Debt Recovery of Nigeria, Certified Institute of Financial Analyst.

He is also a Doctoral Fellow, International Certified Risk Management Professionals, United Kingdom. He is a Coordinator (North-west), Centre for Economic Development and Policy Analysis, Abuja and a renowned researcher.

He has a lot of passion in risk management practice and happily married with children.

Dr. Mahmoud Muktar Saidu