Expand your reach as a CILRM Facilitator

CILRM Facilitators enjoy an immensely satisfying opportunity. Facilitating a programme as part of a team, rather than “teaching” is a unique and powerful experience.

As a Facilitator, you will:

  • Meet, greet and brief CILRM programme participants
  • Facilitate CILRM programmes
  • Facilitate feedback gathering at the end of CILRM programmes

Becoming a CILRM Facilitator has many rewards:

  • A greatly satisfying opportunity.
  • A greatly satisfying opportunity.
  • Facilitators say they learn a bit more about themselves with each programme they help facilitate.
  • Learning the power of facilitating (not leading) a class as a part of a team.
  • Being a part of a dedicated and stimulating group of people.


As a Facilitator, you should:

  • Have prior teaching or facilitation experience
  • Be comfortable speaking to large groups of people
  • Have an interest in loan & risk management .

The first step is to take the Basic and Advanced workshops. Every facilitator experiences the CILRM workshops firsthand before becoming a facilitator. To become a CILRM Facilitator, please send an email to registrar@cilrmng.org with attachments of your qualifications